Tennessee State Bankís Board of Directors

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Todd Profitt

Todd Proffitt is the President/CEO of Tennessee State Bank and has served as Chairman of the TSB Board of Directors since 1997.  Todd grew up in banking as his father; Billy Proffitt was one of the founding charter members in 1972.  Todd has a strong work ethic and believes in being committed to the communities that TSB serves.

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Alfred Newman

Alfred Newman has served as a TSB Director for over 35 years.  Most refer to Mr. Newman fondly as ďAlfĒ and recall Newmanís in Sevierville was one of the best places to eat in town.  Mr. Newman later became a successful land developer but never lost sight of his love for customers, community, and family.  He continues to also be very active in his church, Alder Branch Baptist.

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Mitchell McCarter

Mitchell McCarter is a second generation TSB Director, serving on the Board with his father, Pershing McCarter.  Mr. McCarter has been with the board almost 10 years.  He is a Sevier County business owner and very active in the Gatlinburg Football program.

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Pershing McCarter

Pershing McCarter has served as a TSB Director for over 35 years. Mr. McCarter currently serves as Director Emeritus.  Mr. McCarter started McCarter Lumber in Pigeon Forge and other businesses.  He is a trustworthy businessman proud of his community and his family.  His son Mitch also serves as a TSB Director.

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Travis McCroskey

Travis McCroskey has served as a TSB Director for over 10 years and brings his expertise with real estate development.  Mr. McCroskey is also a hotel owner and is very active in Sevierville as an elected city council member and Alderman.

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Charles R. Frost

Charles R. Frost is a successful businessman who has been a TSB Director for almost 10 years.  Mr. Frostís 30-year career has been in lodging, restaurants, and retail.  Mr. Frost is an asset to the Board and a loyal member of our community.

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Robert A. Tino

Robert A. Tino is a well-known local artist and businessman who is very charitable, helping many organizations in our community.  He opened his first gallery in 1984 and joined TSB as a Director almost 10 years ago.  Mr. Tino continues to be an asset to the Board.

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Andy Proffitt

Andy Proffitt has served as a TSB Director since 2008.  Andy has worked at Tennessee State Bank but is currently the Operations Manager for the family-owned businesses.  He graduated from Carson Newman with a Political Science degree in 2003 and from the LSU School of Banking in 2007.

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Wayne Ayers

Wayne Ayers is the newest member TSB Director.  He is a lifelong Sevier County resident whose family businesses included the 5 and 10 cent store in Sevierville as well as the Big N in Pigeon Forge.  Mr. Ayers took over his fatherís real-estate development and is a well-respected member of our community.  He brings leadership and experience to the board that will help achieve goals.

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Tennessee State Bankís Executive Management


Todd Proffitt

Scott Gibson
Senior Executive Vice President/CFO/COO

Jennifer Reinhard
Executive Vice President/Risk Management

Tammie Sutton
Executive Vice President/Cashier

Steve Hagood
Executive Vice President/Chief Credit Officer

Ray Sterling 
Executive Vice President/Senior Lending Officer



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