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Debit Card Compromise - Wendy's Data Breach

We would like to make our customers aware of a data breach at Wendy’s restaurants.  The breach was first announced to the public in May.  At that time, the breach was determined to have affected only 300 of the franchise’s locations. The breach time frame was originally thought to be between October 2015 and mid-February 2016.  Recent news indicates that the breach was larger than first indicated and that it was ongoing, possibly into the month of June.

We suggest that our customers use caution when visiting any Wendy’s restaurant if they intend to pay by debit or credit card.  It may be wise to choose another payment option until the breach is confirmed to be contained.  The franchise has indicated that the second type of malware has been discovered and disabled.  However, due to the sophistication of the malware and the severity of the breach, we want to prevent our customers from having any further complications.

Tennessee State Bank utilizes fraud monitoring systems to assist in detecting possible fraud on a 24/7 basis.  Your Visa Debit or Credit card has zero liability for unauthorized transactions.  You should refer to your card agreement for information on what would be considered an unauthorized transaction. 

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