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Credit Card 

Benefits of a TSB Credit Card

Not all credit cards are alike. When choosing a provider, make sure to examine the details of the offer, especially the fees. TSB offers Visa®, and Visa® gold (which offers extra benefits such as insurance) credit cards to qualified borrowers. We hope you'll choose to carry the TSB card because of these features:

  • No annual fee*
  • Competitive annual percentage rate (APR)
  • Low monthly minimum payment
  • Great TSB customer service

*Please see the TSB Credit Card Application at the link below for a disclosure of additional credit plan terms.  

Why not apply now?  Click on the following application, fill it out and bring it in to any of our 15 locations so that we can get you started with a TSB Credit Card.  

TSB Credit Card Application

Tennessee State Bank Credit Card Department
(865) 429-2273

For Credit Card Balances Click Here or call (800) 343-1548  

After Hours:

Lost/Stolen Credit Cards: (800) 556-5678
Merchant Help Desk: (800) 228-0210

To request a copy of your credit card agreement, please contact us using the Contact Us link and type Credit Card Agreement Request in the Questions/Comments section, or contact the Credit Card Department at (865) 429-2273.

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Debit / ATM Cards 

Debit/ATM Card Services: 

Tennessee State Bank's debit card is referred to as the Super Access Checking Card. This card has the Visa® logo on it and is accepted any place that honors a Visa® credit card. To apply for an ATM or Debit Card

Click Here

To report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card, please call (800) 791-2525

Fraudwatch Plus

Fraudwatch Plus is a new fraud monitoring service for our Debit and ATM cards.  If suspicious activity is detect ed, a Fraudwatch operator will contact the cardholder.  The operator will never ask for confidential information such as account number, full card number, or social security number.  The operator will identify the Debit or ATM card by stating the last four digits of the card number and will ask the cardholder to verify recent activity.  If fraud is confirmed, the card will be blocked and the cardholder will need to contact TSB for a new card and/or to file disputes.  If the operator is unable to reach the cardholder, a temporary block may be placed on the card until activity can be confirmed.  It is very important that we have a correct phone number on file for your Debit or ATM card.  If you have changed your phone number recently, please contact us immediately. 

The Fraudwatch Plus phone number is (866) 842-5208 and is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  If you have any questions about this new service, please call us at (865) 429-2273.

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Verified by Visa® for Debit Cardholders 

You will no longer be required to enter your password on transactions with your debit card requiring Verified by Visa® authentication. This is a change from previous use of Verified by Visa®. If your online transaction requires further verification, a box will appear with the Verified by Visa® logo. It will require you to enter the last four digits of your SSN, expiration date and billing address zip code. Once the information is verified, the transaction will proceed through the checkout process. If you have any questions or problems regarding Verified by Visa® for your debit card, please call (865) 429-2273.

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Automatic Teller Machines Services (ATMs) 

Tennessee State Bank offers ATM services at each of our branches. For a listing of offsite ATM locations, please see below.

Click Here

To report a lost or stolen ATM or debit card, please call (800) 791-2525

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