Credit Cards

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 Important!  If your credit card has been lost or stolen, please contact us immediately:   

  • During office hours - (865) 429-2273 - Mon. - Thurs. (8:00am-5:00pm) and Friday (8:00am - 6:00pm)
  • Lost/Stolen Credit Cards (after hours) - (800) 556-5678


Credit Cards 

Visa® Gold Card 

The Visa® Gold Card has great options for those who want to have a card for "just in case" and emergency use. Valued Visa® Gold Card customers may also enjoy:  

  • Special introductory Annual Percentage Rate
  • Low standard Annual Percentage Rate  
  • No annual fee (please see the application disclosure for account terms)
  • On-line access to balance and transactions, including bill payment 
  • Great customer service from local representatives 
  • Car rental insurance when card is used to pay for rental service 
  • Opportunity to upgrade card to The Smoky Mountains Charity Card 
  • Visa® Gold Card Application & Disclosure  

Premier Rewards Visa® Card 

The Premier Rewards Visa® Card offers unlimited cash back rewards on qualified purchases.  Customers who plan to use this card frequently for convenience or to make large purchases will benefit from the rewards.  

Secured Visa® Card 

The Secured Visa® Card is for the customers who want an opportunity to establish or re-establish credit.  This could offer a convenient payment method for anyone who might otherwise not meet the criteria for approval of a credit card.  

All Secured Visa® Credit Cards will be secured by funds placed in a Tennessee State Bank Personal Savings Account.  Account holder(s) named on the credit card must be identical to account holder(s) listed on the Savings Account.  The Savings Account will pay the same interest rate as paid to all savings account holders.  The funds held on deposit must be 125% of the approved credit line, and must remain on deposit during the entire term of the assignment.  For example, if the approved credit line is $400, then a security interest of $500 will be taken on the Savings Account.   

Important Information for Credit Card Services 

  • For more information about credit cards services or to speak with a representative, call (865) 429-2273. 
  • To request a copy of your credit card agreement, please contact us using the Contact Us link and type Credit Card Agreement Request in the Questions/Comments or call (865) 429-2273 
  • Lost/Stolen Credit Cards (after hours):  (800) 556-5678 
  • TIB Merchant Services Help Desk (after hours):  (800) 228-0210 
  • Credit Card Balances link or call (800) 343-1548