Business Debit Cards

Important Information for Debit Card Holders:

Lost/Stolen Debit Cards or Credit Cards - During office hours - (865) 429-2273 Mon-Thurs. (8am-5pm) and Friday (8am-6pm)
Debit Cards: 
  • Lost/Stolen Debit Cards (after hours)  (888) 297-3416
  • Card Activation/PIN Change for Debit Cards (800) 290-7893
  • Card Activation/PIN Change for Debit Cards if customer is calling from Outside the United States (206) 624-7998 
  • TSB FraudWatch  (877) 662-8076 
Credit Cards: 
  • Lost/Stolen Credit Cards (after hours) (855) 293-2458 or (206) 352-4401 (Out of Country- collect) 
  • Credit Cards IVR - (866) 625-0201

The Business Visa Debit Card works just like your personal debit card. Use it to buy things your business needs, pay for travel expenses or treat a promising business lead to lunch. Purchases online or in person come directly from your business checking account. Visit Your Guide to Card Benefit for complete details.  Your Business Visa Debit Card includes: 

  • Visa’s Zero Liability Policy¹                                                   
  • Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver
  • Purchase Security & Extended Protection Benefit
  • Travel & Emergency Assistance Services

A TSB Visa® Debit Card can be used anywhere Visa® is accepted.  The TSB Debit Card can now be upgraded to The Smoky Mountains Charity Card, The Patriot Charity Card or a School Spirit Card. Customers can order a TSB Debit Card or Charity Specialty Card at any of our branch locations or by calling Card Services at (865) 429-2273.  Debit Cards issued only on a Commercial Savings account can only be used for services at the ATM. 

Tennessee State Bank offers ATM services at each of our branches and other offsite locations.  There is no ATM Withdrawal or Transfer Fee when using a Tennessee State Bank ATM with your Tennessee State Bank Debit Card.    

¹Visa's Zero Liability Policy applies to unauthorized transactions processed on the Visa or Plus Network.  Limit of your liability may be increased if it is reasonably determined, based on substantial evidence, that you were negligent or fraudulent in the handling of your account or your Card with the Visa Logo, you were proven to have participated in the transaction, or both.  The zero liability provisions do not apply to PIN-based or PIN-less debit transactions not processed by the Visa or Plus Network, including ATM transactions outside of the United States.  

Apple Pay®
Apple Pay® is safe, convenient and easy to use.  The TSB Debit Cards and TSB Credit Cards can both be added to your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to pay for purchases at any participating merchants.  Your card number is never stored on your device and card details are never shared when you use Apple Pay making it a safer and more private way to pay , and so convenient!

Samsung Pay
Have you taken your Tennessee State Bank Visa® card digital yet? Adding it to Samsung Pay is as easy as snapping a picture of your card. TSB Debit Cards and Credit Cards can both be added to select Samsung devices.  

Android Pay™
 Android Pay™ is a contactless payment technology that makes paying as easy as pulling out your Android phone. Users’ card information is never shared with stores because Android Pay doesn’t send their actual credit or debit card number with their payment. TSB Visa® Debit Cards and Credit Cards can both be added to your Android phone to make paying for purchases at participating merchants safer and easier!

Debit Card Travel Tips
 If you are traveling out of the area, please contact our office and inform us of the dates you will be traveling. You can also add Travel notices in Online Banking or the Mobile Banking App.  This will prevent the appearance of fraud occurring on your account and we will notify TSB FraudWatch.  We currently do have a block on all non-US transactions. If you travel outside of the US, we will need to lift the Non-US flag to allow your transactions to be approved.

In order to prevent debit card fraud, it is sometimes necessary to place blocks on certain merchant types or transactions in certain states or areas. If you are out of state and are declined during a transaction, ask the merchant to run your card as a debit with your PIN. If you are still experiencing problems, call our office at (865) 429-2273.


Debit Card Limits

 We have pre-set daily limits on our debit cards. They are as follows:

  • ATM Transactions- $500.00
  • POS Transactions- $2500.00
If you need to make a transaction that is over these limits, please call us at (865) 429-2273 during business hours and we can temporarily increase it to allow the transaction to complete.

Changing the PIN on your Debit Card 

You can change the PIN on your debit card or activate your new debit card by calling the following:   

  • Card Activation/PIN change for Debit Cards  (800) 290-7893
  • Card Activation /PIN change for Debit Cards if customer is calling from outside United States (206) 624-7998    

TSB FraudWatch 

Your account security is important to us.  That's why we are continually working to detect fraudulent activity and bring you tools like TSB FraudWatch to safeguard your account.  As a TSB debit card customer, you are automatically enrolled and alerted to any suspicious activity on your TSB debit card.  Visit our TSB FraudWatch page for more information about this service and to set your own personal debit card alert preferences.   


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