TSB FraudWatch

Debit Card Security 
(877) 662-8076  (24/7 support) 

Your account security is important to us.  That’s why we are continually working to detect fraudulent activity and bring you new tools like TSB FraudWatch to safeguard your account.  As a TSB debit card customer, you are automatically enrolled and alerted to any suspicious activity on your TSB debit card.  

TSB FraudWatch monitors transactions on your debit card for potential fraud.  TSB FraudWatch looks at many variables when determining  if a transaction is suspicious and potentially fraudulent.  If we identify a transaction or transactions that may be fraud, we may verify the transaction by the following alerts: 

  • TSB FraudWatch App.  Download our app from the Google Play (Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window) (Android phones) or Apple Store (Opens in a new Window) (iPhones).  By using the TSB FraudWatch app, you can check for pending notifications,  check your notifications history or change your card status from active to block in the event that you have lost your card or definitely suspect fraud.  If you use the TSB FraudWatch App, you will not receive the text messages or voice delivery notifications. However, emails will always be sent.

  • SMS (text message) delivery“TSB FraudWatch Alerts” (short code 47334) will report the payee and payment amount to you and ask if you authorized the transaction. The reply is YES or NO. You may also reply HELP for help or call (877) 662-8076. You may also opt out of future texts by replying STOP.

  • Voice delivery.  You will receive a voice response message with details regarding the suspected fraud transaction. You will be asked to press 3 if the transaction is unauthorized or to press 7 if the transaction is authorized. This delivery method will only be used in the event that you do not use the app, we do not have a mobile phone number on file or if you opt-out of receiving SMS text message alerts.

  • Email delivery.  "TSB FraudWatch Alert” will be sent from Tennessee State Bank with details about the suspicious transaction.  The customer will be asked to call 877-662-8076 to verify the transaction.  Emails will always be sent. 

We are excited to be able to provide you with our fraud detection tool and hope you will find it beneficial in protecting your account. If you have any questions about this service, please call Card Services at (865) 429-2273. TSB FraudWatch Frequently Asked Questions are also available for more information.  

TSB Debit Card Alert Preferences 

TSB FraudWatch also allows our customers to set their own preferences if they would like to be notified of certain activity.  

In the box below do the following: 

  • Input your 16 digit TSB Debit Card Number and Click Next.  
  •  Authenticate with a phone number - You can choose the phone number that you would like your code to be sent to.  Select the phone number and click Next.  You will be sent a code and should enter it in the next screen.  Click Next. 
  • The Alert Preferences Screen will come up.  You may choose the following options by placing a checkmark in the box: 
    • Limit Transaction Amount - Insert an amount (for example, $100.00 will be 100).  You will receive an alert each time that you use your debit card and the amount is greater than $100.00. 
    • Cross Border Transactions - You will receive an alert any time a foreign transaction is attempted on your debit card. 
    • Card Not Present Transactions - You will receive an alert any time your card has a manually keyed transaction. This means the merchant does not physically have the card present to make the transaction. This includes, but is not limited to, phone or internet orders or billing payments. 
  • Click Finish when you have completed the preferences. The screen will go back to the original screen where you first entered your card number.  Your preferences have been completed.  
If you would like to change your preferences at any time, you will follow the steps above. When you get to the Alert Preferences screen, you may add a checkmark or remove a checkmark for any preference. Then, click Finish.
TSB Debit Card Alert Preferences: 

Lost/Stolen Debit Cards (after hours):  (888) 297-3416

Customer Email sent on 4/10/2020 concerning phone number spoofing to obtain confidential information.