Credit Cards

Visa® Gold Card

The Visa® Gold Card has great options for those who want to have a card for "just in case" and emergency use. Valued Visa® Gold Card customers enjoy:

Premier Rewards Visa® Card

The Premier Rewards Visa® Card offers unlimited cash back rewards on qualified purchases.  Customers who plan to use this card frequently for convenience or to make large purchases will benefit from the rewards.


Secured Visa® Card

The Secured Visa® Card is for the customers who want an opportunity to establish or re-establish credit.  This could be a solution for customers who might not otherwise meet the criteria for approval of an unsecured credit card.  

All Secured Visa® Credit Cards will be secured by funds placed in a Tennessee State Bank Personal Savings Account.  Account holder(s) named on the credit card must be identical to account holder(s) listed on the Savings Account.  The Savings Account will pay the same interest rate as paid to all savings account holders.  The funds held on deposit must be 125% of the approved credit line, and must remain on deposit during the entire term of the assignment.  For example, if the approved credit line is $400, then a security interest of $500 will be taken on the Savings Account.


Elite Business Visa® Card with Rewards

The Elite Business Visa® Card is designed especially for businesses and offers a convenient method of payment that gives the business owner expense tracking capabilities.

Apple Pay® 

Apple Pay® is safe, convenient and easy to use.  The TSB Debit Cards and TSB Credit Cards can both be added to your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to pay for purchases at any participating merchants.  Your card number is never stored on your device and card details are never shared when you use Apple Pay making it a safer and more private way to pay , and so convenient!

Samsung Pay

Have you taken your Tennessee State Bank Visa® card digital yet? Adding it to Samsung Pay is as easy as snapping a picture of your card. TSB Debit Cards and Credit Cards can both be added to select Samsung mobile devices. 

Google Pay™

Google Pay™ is a contactless payment technology that makes paying as easy as pulling out your Android phone. Users’ card information is never shared with stores because Google Pay doesn’t send their actual credit or debit card number with their payment. TSB Visa® Debit Cards and Credit Cards can both be added to your Android phone to make paying for purchases at participating merchants safer and easier!

TSB Credit Card Alerts  

  • Receive a text message or email when your card is used.
  • Set custom alerts for transaction types and dollar amounts for:
  • Approaching credit line
  • Purchases over a selected amount
  • Purchases outside of selected states
  • International purchases
  • Online and phone purchase where the card is not physically present
  • Declined transaction
  • You may change your alert preferences at any time.
  • Click here (Opens in a new Window) to register your TSB Credit Card now.  

Important Information for Card Services Department

Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Notice

Regular members of the U.S. Armed Forces (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corp and Coast Guard), Reserve and National Guard personnel,  members of the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, and certain U.S. citizens serving with armed forces of a nation with which the U.S. is allied in the prosecution of a war or military action, there are some benefits afforded to you and are listed in the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act Notice Disclosure (SCRA). 

Some of these benefits also extend to servicemember’s spouse, dependents, and other persons subject to the obligations of servicemembers.  Please forward your request together with a copy of the servicemember's military orders or any other appropriate indicator of military service, including a certified letter from a commanding officer to:  Tennessee State Bank, PO Box 1260, Pigeon Forge, TN 37868, Attn: Credit Department.

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