With CardCashTM, press credit every day, every pay!

Here’s how CardCashTM works:

  • Register Your Personal Checking Account - Online at
  • Use Your Debit Card for everyday purchases.
  • Exceed Your Monthly Minimum of $600 in qualified non-PIN debit card purchases each month to start earning.
  • Press Credit to Get It - up to $250 cash back per year!*
    0.25% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $600.01 - $1,600.00
    0.50% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $1,600.01 - $2,600.00
    1.00% on qualified monthly purchases totaling $2,600.01 and higher
  • TRACK YOUR EARNINGS each month with a CardCashTM eStatement, just provide your email address.

*Terms & conditions apply  (Commercial & Sole Proprietorship Accounts are not eligible for cash back rewards)

See for details.

 Only debit card purchases processed as Credit by the card network are eligible to count as qualifying transactions. Routing or Processing of a transaction is determined by the merchant and their processor. The financial institution has no control over the merchant transaction flow during the authorization process of a transaction. 

This means that you may select Credit when making your purchase, but the merchant may process the purchase as a PIN transaction over a PIN network.  If this happens, the purchase will not be counted toward your qualifying purchases for earning cash back.  This is out of Tennessee State Bank's control.  

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