Lost/Stolen Cards

Card Services Customer Information 

  • Lost/Stolen Debit Cards or Credit Cards - During office hours - (865) 429-2273 Mon-Thurs. (8am-5pm) and Friday (8am-6pm)

Debit Cards: 
  • Lost/Stolen Debit Cards (after hours)  (888) 297-3416
  • Card Activation/PIN Change for Debit Cards (800) 290-7893
  • Card Activation/PIN Change for Debit Cards if customer is calling from Outside the United States (206) 624-7998 
  • TSB FraudWatch  (877) 662-8076 
Credit Cards: 
  • Lost/Stolen Credit Cards (after hours) (855) 293-2458 or (206) 352-4401 (Out of Country- collect) 
  • Credit Cards IVR - (866) 625-0201

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