Lost/Stolen Cards

Card Services Customer Information 

  • Lost/Stolen Debit Cards or Credit Cards - During office hours - (865) 429-2273 Mon-Thurs. (8am-5pm) and Friday (8am-6pm)
  • Lost/Stolen Debit Cards (after hours)  (888) 297-3416
  • Lost/Stolen Credit Cards (after hours) (800) 556-5678
  • Card Activation/PIN Change for Debit Cards (800) 290-7893
  • Card Activation/PIN Change if customer is calling from Outside the United States (206) 624-7998
  • Card Activation for Credit Cards (after hours) (800) 343-1548
  • TSB FraudWatch  (877) 662-8076
  • Merchant Card Processing Services  (865) 429-7815
  • Tennessee State Bank Credit Card Balance Website or call (800) 343-1548 for account balance or activation.  

TSB Credit Card Alerts & Controls 

Sign in to the TSB Credit Card website in order to set your alerts. Go to “Manage Card” from the “Menu” options to work with them.  You may change your alert preferences at any time.  Alerts can be sent by email or SMS text message.  

  • Block or send a real-time alert for specific transaction types 
    • ATM 
    • Autopay/Recurring 
    • In-store 
    • Mail/phone number 
    • Online e-commerce 
    • Other 
  • Block or send a real-time alert when an international transaction is attempted 
  • Block or send a real-time alert when a transaction is higher than a set amount threshold 
    • Spend limit per transaction 
    • Approaching credit limit 
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