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Freddie Mac Launches CreditSmart® Homebuyer U 

Freddie Mac values the importance of education in supporting financial capability skills among consumers in order to help them prepare for homeownership. To support these efforts, we’re excited to announce CreditSmart® Homebuyer U, the latest addition to the CreditSmart® suite of financial and homeownership education resources.

Learn more about finances and how to be money smart!   

(Opens in a new Window) (Opens in a new Window)Federal Reserve Education.org (Opens in a new Window) - The Federal Reserve has created an educational website to equip educators, educate students and empower consumers.  

(Opens in a new Window)The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Opens in a new Window) (CFPB) is a U.S. government agency that makes sure banks, lenders, and other financial companies treat you fairly.  The Consumer Education tab on their website is especially designed for financial education and the Consumer resources section provides educational tools with helpful guides to assist consumers with big financial goals:  Buying a house, paying for college, planning for retirement, getting an auto loan, etc.   

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (Opens in a new Window) (FDIC®) has links to help educate consumers on important financial issues and topics.    

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